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Scheduling a visit to Dog Dude Ranch of Miami for your pet gives them a chance to celebrate their instincts

Dogs, like their relatives the wolves, enjoy time with their packs.  They’re able to bond with their buddies, play in nonaggressive ways and become a more well-rounded, happy companion.

Because our pets’ environments today sometimes work against those instincts, not every dog has learned how to socialize and accept other pack members. A little time on the ranch will provide your dog dude some wonderful experiences interacting with other pets as well as the ability to play or roam freely in large designated areas.

Although it’s not mandatory, we’d love for you to come by so we can meet your Dog Dude and you can see for yourself how our ranch works. For our Dog Dude population’s health and safety, our guests will be asked to conform to the following:

  • Be at least four months of age
  • Be neutered or spayed, unless they are under six months of age
  • Be on a regular flea and tick prevention program
  • Be free of communicable diseases
  • Be properly socialized around other dogs and people
  • Wear a collar, ID tags and have a leash
  • Have written proof: Rabies, Bordetella (Intranasal every 6 months or injection annually), DHPP; Titers tests are also accepted


  • All evaluation sessions need to be pre-scheduled.  We’ll always try to be flexible to find the best time to meet. Plan about 30 minutes for your meeting and tour
  • Forms should be downloaded and completed before this session.  Be sure your vet records are included to show all vaccinations are up-to-date
  • We’ll slowly introduce your pet to the Dog Dude Ranch Gang.  A little guidance and close supervision during introductions can help those friendly natural instincts to make it fun and safe for all
  • If a morning or afternoon snack is part of your pet’s routine be sure to pack one for the Ranch
  • Once the evaluation is complete we’ll take it from there…whether it’s Daycare or Overnight stays your pet is now an official member of the Dog Dude Ranch Gang

REMINDER: Don’t forget to get your Veterinary Form filled out and faxed to Dog Dude Ranch prior to your visit (Fax #: (305) 702-0475)

Dog Dude Ranch of Miami: (305) 702-0475 |

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